NRF2017: The Must See Sessions

Curated by Retail Reflections

If, like us, you find yourself with the festive season and New Year celebrations a rapidly fading memory, you may now be turning your thoughts to NRF 2017 – Retail’s BIG Show. But hang on, there’s so much to see and do, where do I even begin to start planning for the greatest retail show on earth?

Fear not, because here at Retail Reflections we’ve done the legwork for you. Having reviewed all the sessions, we bring you our top picks for 2017, in chronological order so all you have to do is copy and paste!


Sunday 15th

What:   From Data to Delight: An Insight Driven Revolution of the In-Store Experience

Where: 10.15 – North Hall, Level 2

Why:     Leading nicely from the previous and you don’t even have to leave your seat! We’re expecting that data, insight, analytics, predictive will all dominate NRF 2017 and that the shopping experience of the future will be an all-encompassing and wonderful part of our lives. And it starts here.

“We’re expecting that data, insight, analytics, predictive will all dominate NRF 2017”

What:   Prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT

Where: 14.00 – EXPO Hall, Room 3, Level 3

Why:     Retail is on the cusp of a revolution the like of which no-one could possibly have predicted and it will revolve around far greater insights into our lives allowing for a level of personalisation and customer experience we could only have dreamt of just a few years ago.


Monday 16th

What:   Undying Brand Engagement: A Fireside Chat With Sir Richard Branson

Where: 09.00 – North Hall, Level 2

Why:     Because keynotes don’t get much better than this


What:   Innovation Lab Quick Fire Presentations: Robotics & AI

Where: 12.25 – River Pavilion, Level 4

Why:     We predict that whilst AR and VR will feature front of house in the next few years, the real game changer will be robotics and AI which will pack a punch right across the retail landscape from call centres to supply chain to in-store experience.


What:   Omnichannel Analytics – Unlocking the Optimal Customer Experience

Where: 16.00 – EXPO Hall, Room 3, Level 3

Why:     Customer experience in all its guises will be the new battleground and in order to unlock the vast potential, big data and analytics will be required.


Tuesday 17th

What:   Trends 2017: Retail Opportunity for the Fast Changing World & the Human Mind

Where: 10.15 – EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1

Why:     GDR CEO Kate Ancketill always delivers great insight and will put much of the conference into a wonderful perspective; after all we all need takeaways!


What:   Learning From Leaders of Digital Transformation

Where: 11.30 – EXPO Hall, Room 3, Level 3

Why:     If there’s one topic on everyone’s lips right now, it’s digital transformation. But what exactly does it mean? How do I achieve it? Where do I start? This session will help to answer those questions and more.


Andrew Busby is founder of Retail Reflections & The Retail Advisory Board and an IBM Futurist. He is also a regular contributor to Retail Week and one of the UK’s most influential retail analysts.




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